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The Clean temple mission emanates from this inspiring thought encouraging us to look within us and transform the inner self to be happy. It is the nurturing and enhancing the Godliness in each and every one of us that makes us better human beings who look at life beyond profits and recognize the true nature of this life’s journey. May this small step of cleaning our praying place with a pure heart extend to all the journeys of our life.

The start point of making a better world is to have collective efforts through all nations and religions to initiate the first step towards this journey where the place of worship can be utilized for feeding and educating also. Cleaning of the places in which we worship or pray is the first step to surrender the ego and start the journey of a beautiful realization that no matter whatever state or circumstances that we are in, we must do our bit and that we will find peace in contributing and in doing good

Cleaning our temples is an endeavor to initiate a selfless effort where people from various religions, geographies can work together across various boundaries for the common good of this world; this could be education, food, peace and much more to make this world a better place. There is a lot of goodness within us but that has to surface through some action and it’s only after clearing our minds that we can work to do good and work as a one human race together.

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Tuesday 15 Aug 2017 By : Robin Marwaha
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